Grant Giving

Vine give small grants to blind and visually impaired people living in the North East of England, Vine will also consider giving grants to small, local organisations and clubs.

Grants of up to £500.00 are considered, and can be for anything that enables a visually impaired person to live a more fulfilling life.

The VINE executive meet in March and October to consider each grant application. Each is considered on it's own merits and is subject to a financial assessment and the availability of VINE's own funds at the time of the application.

Please apply in writing to;

VINE Visual Impairment North East,
The Fred Hodson Suite,
Pearey House,
Preston Park,
North Shields,
NE29 9JR

Or by E mail to

Please include as much relevant information as possible such as your age and occupation, your means, what it is you are applying for and how it will benefit you. It will help your application if it is supported by a third party who knows you and your circumstances, such as a rehabilitation worker from a local charity or social services.