Visual Impairment North East (V.I.N.E) is a small independent charity concerned with the overall welfare of visually impaired people.

Founded in 1984 the members are or have been involved in work connected with visual impairment, such as Opthalmologists, Optometrists, Teachers, Specialist workers with the visually impaired, voluntary workers etc.

The objects of VINE;

  1. To promote the relief of visually impaired people in any manner which now is, or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable, within the North East of England.

  2. To consider and make recommendations for improving the total provision of services to visually impaired people.

  3. To help all disciplines to communicate, to understand and develop services for visually impaired people.

  4. To provide a forum which encompasses all workers with visually impaired people.

  5. Prepare, sell and or otherwise distribute training, educational and information material as ancillary to one or more of these objects.

Our current activities are:

  1. The production and distribution of Simulation spectacles and the VINE Simulation package.

  2. The production and distribution of a directory of local services for visually impaired people; the Vine Regional Directory.

  3. Grant Giving any surplus we make from the sale of simulation spectacles, over and above our running costs and the cost of production, is given in grants to blind and visually impaired people in the North East of England.

Grant Giving.

Vine give small grants to blind and visually impaired people living in the North East of England, Vine will also consider giving grants to small, local organisations and clubs.

To find out more about our grant giving, click here